EIN Customer Testimonials

Don't take our word for it!

Our Customer depends on us to provide a reliable and useful service and exceptional Customer Support. We do our best to not only meet, but exceed their high standards. Here's what a few customers have to say about our State & Federal Tax (EIN) Filling Service.

  • "I was in receipt of my new EIN number in less than 2 days. I have friends that have paid in excess of $350 for the same service. Thanks for a wonderful service and amazing savings."

    M. Hancock - http://www.handhdesigns.com

  • "I never realized that getting a tax id number for an S-Corp was so difficult. I attempted to setup my S-Corp and obtain my tax id number all by myself before finally realizing it's much easier to use your service and pay a small fee. Thanks for your tax id number application assistance."


  • "I needed an EIN number before I could setup my new business banking account and thanks to your service I was able to do this in 1 days time. My new bakery is up and running and I wanted to thank you for your support in a time sensitive process. You over delivered in my honest opinion."


  • "I appreciate your professional service and exceptional customer support, I was able to complete my application and get my tax id and all within a matter or minutes. Keep Up the great work"


  • "Great Job GetTaxtIDNumbers.com! Your service has enabled my new business to get off the ground and running without any unexpected delays. I was able to open up my new business bank account the same day I applied my EIN number."

    C. Macon - http://www.lemondroplulus.com

  • "At First I was skeptical about submitting my personal information to you online, but after speaking with your customer support agent I was reassured that your company takes security very seriously and that my info would be safeguared from praying eyes, I was promised I'd receive my Tax ID Number by the end of the day and sure enough I did, Excellent service, Thanks"


  • "It's rare that I have found a company that offers a legitimate service such as yours on the internet. Thanks for walking me through my EIN application process, which I found difficult to do direct with the IRS."


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